Custom mobile apps for food trucks

Stay connected and keep your fans coming back to your food truck.
Always up-to-date

Your fans will always know what food is available today when you publish your menu directly inside the app.

Always be found

Your fans won't have to go chase you down on social media to find out where you are today.  They can look right inside the app to see your schedule for the next week.


Your truck will get your own mobile app that isn't shared with anyone else.  It will be customized with your logo, fonts, and colors so that it is uniquely you.


App Experience

Alert your fans

Send out an alert when you are open on a special day, when people are getting ready for lunch, or when you have to close early for an unexpected reason.  Your fans will never have to look for you.  Your next location is right on the home page.

Scheduling made easy

It can be hard to keep track of when and where you will be.  Make it easy by managing your food truck schedule right in your own app.  Your fans can see exactly where you are going to be today without trying to find your latest Facebook post.

Highlight ever-changing menus

As a food truck, we know your food menus are constantly changing.  That's why it's easy to update your menu right from the app.  You can even snap pictures of your food from your phone and add them to your menu.

Highlight your events

Are you going to be at a special event?  Maybe you are hosting one of your own.  Your fans will know about it here first.  We'll even let you pull your events in from Facebook.

Always be found

"Our app has made it easy for our fans to figure out where we are each day."


Features and Pricing

Data Sheet

Want to know more?  Check out our guide to features and pricing.

Referrals Welcome


Food trucks know breweries.  That's why we have a referral program.  Connect us with a brewery that signs and we'll give you 6 months free.


BrewZap is built so that it can be easily customized for your food truck.  That makes it quick, easy, and affordable to get started.  At a cost of just $20 per month, BrewZap for Food Trucks is no more than the cost of the average couple's food order. The app can be ready to go in less than a week.

Request demo

In less than 30 minutes, we can show you how BrewZap can transform your food truck and can connect with your fans like never before.  Want to see more?  Let us know below.

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