Custom mobile apps for breweries, restaurants, wineries, and pubs. 

Stay connected and drive more visits to your pub with your own custom mobile app.

People want to know beers you have on tap and what is coming.  They want to know about key events such as pint nights, special tappings, and when their favorite band is going to be there.  With BrewZap, all of this is possible.

Showcase Beers

Highlight what news beers you are making as well as the classics you always have on hand.  There is even a way to highlight one-off brewery only specials.

Reward Loyalty

Reward the fans that make repeat visits to the taproom or pub.  With BrewZap Rewards you can customize a rewards program that keeps people connected and coming back for more.


App Experience


BrewZap allows you to send push notifications to your users, allowing you to get past all the noise of other social channels so they can hear directly from you.  You can automatically send alerts as you add new beers or  vents or you can schedule alerts to be sent at a specific time.


BrewZap provides a way for you to highlights your beers and inform users what is on-tap and on-deck.  With a connection to Untappd, managing the beer data is simple and easy.

Beer Finder

For Breweries that distribute, BrewZap can provide Beer Finder services.  This allows your users to easily search and locate your beers.  BrewZap can be configured to integrate with existing distribution solutions, such as VIP, or other custom tracking solutions.

Events & Bands

BrewZap can help you ensure that users always know what is going on at your taproom or brew pub.  From trivia, special tapping's, pairing dinners to Yoga.  BrewZap will highlight them all - ensuring that your biggest fans are always in the know.

Connected Experience

BrewZap knows that beer lovers are everywhere!  Nobody wants another tool to manage, so whenever possible BrewZap is focused on creating connected experiences.  This is why we have a connected experience with Untappd - allowing users to check in beer directly from your app.

Wine and Spirits too!

BrewZap is great for restaurants or wineries with large wine lists too.  Put your wines online and let customers browse directly from their phones.  Want to showcase your whiskey selection?   You can do that too!  You can even put BrewZap on an iPad so that you can provide a table-side wine list in your restaurant.

Restaurant Menus made easy

BrewZap makes it easy to quickly publish your lunch, dinner, and dessert menus.  You can quickly create interactive menus with all of your details including special orders and photos of your dishes.

Taproom Visits

"For the price of a couple of beers a month, we can increase taproom visits"

Earn Points

With BrewZap Rewards, users can earn points when they visit the taproom and drink beer.  A loyalty program that's easy to use with no extra cost.

BrewZap Rewards

Get Rewards

BrewZap Rewards lets you choose how you reward your loyal customers.  From discounts to free merchandise, you are in complete control of your loyalty program.

See it in Action

Features and Pricing

Dive deep into all of the BrewZap features and see just how affordable BrewZap really is by downloading our brochure.


BrewZap is built using a custom framework that can be easily customized for your brewery or restaurant.  Because of this framework, it is quick, easy, and affordable to get started.  For most breweries the cost can be as low as $40 a month and the app can be ready to go in less than a week.

Request demo

In less than 30 minutes, we can show you how BrewZap can transform how your brewery or restaurant can connect with your customers like never before.  Want to see more?  Let us know below.

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